Completely mobile and convenient

We can come to you, Or you can come to us. No water source or power source needed.  For larger jobs a source of water may be required.  With our mobile service we use 2 types of machines. Our EQ200t Trailer is designed for bigger or tougher jobs that require more blasting pressure. Our EcoQuip 2 EQp portable unit can get us into tight spots or further out jobs that the trailer will not reach.  This process of blast cleaning with abrasives is much cleaner and yields better results than sandblasting.


Environmentally Safe and Beneficial

Some might claim that their products are "dustless" or "dust-free," but the reality is there is no such thing. Sure, using a wet abrasive blasting machine will cut down on the plume of dust you get from dry blasting, but you're also left with a puddle of water. Make sure you understand the facts around dustless blasting.

With Graco's EcoQuip 2 Vapor Abrasive blast equipment, you will see up to 92% dust suppression over dry blasting without the wet, slurry mess you get from traditional wet abrasive blasters. We can actually catch and reuse our media or abrasives if necessary. Or rinse them away safely with no harm to the environment


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